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​861 Series Solid State Relays from Magnecraft


                  Magnecraft 861SSR115-DD Relay                                         Magnecraft 861SSR115-DD Relay

The 861 is the first complete solid state relay without any moving parts, which extends product life, increases reliability, and enables silent operation. The 861SSR provides reliable switching and long-life operation in applications where high inrush currents or induced currents can affect mechanical state relay operation. The compact housing also minimizes panel space.

Series 861SSR DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay features an internal heat sink, bistable clips for DIN rail or panel mounting and an LED indicator light.

861 Series Features and Benefits:

  • Solid State circuitry- Involves no moving parts which extends product life,increases reliability, and enables silent operation
  • Optically coupled circuit -Provide isolation between input and output circuits.
  • Internal snubber-Helps protect the relay's internal circuit from high voltage transients
  • Internal heat sink-Provides factory tested thermal management
  • Fingersafe terminals- Helps prevent operator from touching live circuit
  • DIN and Panel mounting-Mounts directly onto DIN rail or panel and provides flexibility to accommodate last minute design changes 

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