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Guess Which is The Most Popular Transformer At Lectro?


Enclosed Control Transformer

The LE12100 is Lectro Component’s most popular transformer. Ideally suited for general purpose, industrial and light duty loads, Core enclosed transformer offers an efficient and economical solution for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting and circuit isolation.

The LE12100 enclosed control transformer is a Class 2 Single Hub Transformer and has both the primary and secondary wires exiting the same side, and will only show one hub style.

Features and Benefits

  • Resettable circuit breakers
  • Color coded wires
  • Threaded hub
  • Installation instructions

Lectro Components specializes in transformers and we sell a broad spectrum of enclosed, open frame, single phase models.

Our Brand Core Components designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality control transformers to suit many applications in the building automation, HVAC and lighting industries.

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