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Bundling and Securing

Cable Tie Bundling & Securing Clamps

Lectro Components offers a full line of Hellermann Tyton bundling and securing equipment for solutions to all your fastening and cable management needs.

  • Clamps—Play an integral role in the installation and maintenance of cable systems, including bundling, clamping, guiding, and protecting wires and cables. We offer securing clamps for all jobs, including nylon ones for economical use and steel ones for maximum performance and durability.
  • Clips—Ideal for securing and organizing wires and cables to a fixed point on a surface to optimize cable management. We offer a wide range of clips of various shapes and sizes for both home and industrial applications, including bundling, connector, nail, and screw mount clips.
  • Mounts—Great for ensuring cable tie bundling is firmly and securely fixed to a surface. Many of our mounts come with self-adhesive backing to provide stability before furthering securing with screws. We offer a variety of mounts, including grip tie, masonry, push, stud bolt, and weld stud mounts.
  • Spacers and Separators—Ideal for separating cables and wires into different bundles and then securing them to fixed surface such as a bracket or frame rail. We offer spacers and separators that are durable, chemical and abrasion resistant, and retain flexibility in low temperatures.
  • Electrical Tape—Provides a fast, easy, and economical way to cable splice, terminate, wire insulate, and more. We carry heavy-duty vinyl tape ideal for general purpose applications that has exceptional surface and adhesive characteristics.
  • Cable Ties—Excellent for wire management and organization. We offer zip ties for all applications in a various sizes, strengths, lengths, materials, and colors. Our wide range of industrial cable ties include specialty ties, including heavy-duty, velcro, releasable, and mounting ties.

    Lectro Components is your single source for a broad range of electromechanical components, including cable ties, clamps, and mounts. We guarantee all your cable management solutions with fast delivery and low costs