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Wire & Cable

Wire Connect and High Temp Fiberglass Sleeving

Lectro Components offers a wide range of wire and cable products that provide flexible routing and protection solutions for various applications, including industrial, technology, and electrical. Our high-quality, reliable wire protection and insulation products help guide, protect, and insulate your wires and cables so they do not come into contact with other conductors. This preserves the cable and wires against environmental threats and resists electrical leakage. For example, we offer high-temperature fiberglass sleeving, which provides extra resistance to abrasion and high temperature and prevents any damage to sensitive cables and hoses.

We also supply easy-to-install connectors, including Hellermann Tyton’s HelaCon wire connectors. These wire connectors feature dual-spring technology for safe, secure, and reliable connections. Also, Helacon wire connectors require less insertion force for greater versatility and increased production. Lectro Components also offers industrial-grade GracePort® data interface ports for both USB and ethernet switches from Grace Engineered Products. These data interface ports include various interface types, including cable extension and bulkhead connectors, and printed circuit assembly.

Lectro Components is your single source for a broad range of electromechanical components, including wires, cables, and connectors. We guarantee all your wire and cable products with fast delivery and low costs.