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​Patlite LED Signal Tower - LME Series


Patlite LME-112FB-G+FB120 Signal TowerPatlite LME-412NW-YBGR+FB183 Signal TowerPatlite LME-102UFB-C+FB120 Signal Tower

Do you want to improve your functionality and drive productivity?

If the answer is YES, than Patlite has the right product for you and Lectro Components can deliver it directly to your workplace.

We introduce you to the LME series, multi- color LED Signal towers with 1 to 5 lights.

Ideally suited for industrial manufacturing and process control environments, LME Signal towers are commonly used on equipment to provide visual and audible indicators of a machine state or process event to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel.

This signal tower has high visibility from any angle and adjustable volume (Max.85dB at 1m). It comes with a dual reflection system. It consist hybrid prism-cut lens and 5 color led modules which creates a bright, distinctive and even illumination.

The LED modules are easy to add or remove. This product has changeable color sequence: easy to add/remove up to 5 colored modules even after installation. The LED Module colors correspond to the wiring , so re-wiring is not necessary.


PATLITE's Exclusive Hybrid Prism Cut Lens: For enhanced visibility from any direction and distance.

Original Dual Reflection System: For enhanced light diffusion, creating bright distinctive illumination while saving energy
FB type: 2 selectable built-in alarms with adjustable volume up to 90dB at 1m.
Direct or pole mount installation .
Interchangeable LED module: No re-wiring even after installation.
Main Body: Superior impact and heat resistant ABS resin.
Lens: Superior weather resistant and light translucent AS resin.
NPN/PNP Compatible: Except 100/220V AC LME-U type, compatible with NPN only.
Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear/White


oIP-65 (LME, LME-W)


oType 4 / 4X / 13 (indoor, direct-mount only)


- Continuous Only
- Continuous, Flashing, Alarms
- Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
- Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP for DC24V, NPN for AC120V)
- Direct voltage control for DC24V, continuous and Alarm functions only