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Terminal Blocks from Marathon


The 135 Series Power Distribution Blocks have adequate spacing for most OEM and field applications due to their meeting UL 1953 (Power Block Standard) requirements.

They are listed for general installation, and they meet the feeder circuit terminal spacing requirements per UL508A section 10.2 (which is 1" through air and 2" over surface at 600V), so they can be used in "as supplied condition". The UL identifier on each block would also allow an inspector to complete an inspection faster, since there would be no need to check "conditions of acceptability".

The 135 Series Power Distribution Blocks comply with National Electric Codes (NEC) for use in service equipment, so they are suitable for applications where system components must be connected in the field, including industrial control panel feeder/branch circuits, splicing and tapping conductors in junction boxes, termination boxes, and similar applications. Since these blocks are UL Listed and service equipment rated, they can be used in the connection of modular tower sections for wind turbines, for large motor connections such as water lifting and material handling, and for interconnection of multiple panels in control and power distribution systems.